Front entry iron door with transom for exterior

Front entry iron door with transom for exterior
  • Raw materials: Wrought iron
  • Heat&sound Insulation: Thermal break + poly foam+ Weatherstripping
  • Head style: Square top
  • Door type: Double enrty door
  • Color: Dark bronze
  • Glass Type: Double Tempered Rain Glass
  • Glass window open type: Openable
  • Pre-hung: Yes
  • Fly Screen: Yes
  • Door transom: Yes
  • Description
    What kind of  wrought  iron door we are producing?
    We focus on producing custom wrought iron door, window, gate, fence, garage door and other ironware.
    We have been exporting doors to US, AU market for above 20year and completely can satisfy all kinds of door request. No need to worry that you are not sure if you like the door because we have professional CAD design center to help you view the door before you place order. 
    Optional color  finishes
    Bug screen   
    Black screen       Silver screen White screen
    Optional handles    
    We can customize handles' size and style and also we can provide stainless handle

    Optional lock set     
    You can choose buy lock yourself or we buy lock for you.

    Regular size is 2" * 6" (50mm * 150mm) and you can also customize the proper size of jamb to match your wall.
    Thicker jamb will be charged extra cost

    There are stripping around the frame and window, and sweep on the bottom.
    Waterproof is never a problem.

    We inject poly foam into each tube of door, and good engineering design makes doors have greatsound insulation performance

    Regular iron door 
    Regular iron door only have foam in the tube

    Thermal break door
    There will be a thermal break plate in the middle of tube to reduce heat transit between interior and exterior of house.
    Glass option 
    All glass is double pane tempered glass and the regular thickness of glass is 5+6+5 mm. We also provide impact glass and bullet proof glass.
    If you want LOWE glass, extra charge will be needed.